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Well, I suppose since I missed Last week, I should make up for it by doubling up on posts this week.

And yes, I know its Monday not Sunday, yadda yadda yadda, but listen up this shits important!

I gotta double up on stories, and that's gonna be difficult, considering the fact that I have managed to secure my life

in such a boring pattern that just talking about it makes me wanna fall asleep. My school schedule always results in Class, Theater, Class, Theater, or Theater, Class, Theater, Class. Children, I spend over three hours in the school theater a day. Thats over 12 hours a week. That's half a day, per week, gone in that room. (And this isnt even counting rehearsal for one-acts every other day after school!) This is getting a little off hand, so I better get into the meat of this first story, post, column, THING. Games Workshop.

Yeah, that one shop by the movie theater and old navy, with the big red angry dude in the window. My brother works there. Its pretty cool. And now, every Friday from about two till close, I reside there, painting models n chummin' it up with the Regulars. Whats a Regular, you ask? Well, shut your ploebian mouth and i'll tell you, you impotent prokaryotic philistine!

A "Regular" Is someone who regularly frequents and occupies the store for more than a few hours on a REGULAR basis. Pretty clever naming scheme. I know, its pretty advanced. Just try to keep up.

Anyway, the Regulars (and quite a few of the employees) kinda look at me as some sort of unsung master troll because about a couple months back, I was wicked bored. Like, Super bored. Then I had a great idea. Like, one of Those ideas. The kind of idea that makes you laugh uncontrollably for a good fifteen minutes straight. I decided it would be really funny to print out like fifteen trollfaces, and tape them all over the stripper posters on my brothers wall, and it was. I didn't hear about the reaction until later (my brother arrived home late that night and I had long since gone to bed and forgotten about the trollfaces at all), apparently I made him so livid, that he was about to burst into my room and put me in "intensive condition" we'll say. But by the time he got his senses straight, he realized he was laughing to tears. I wasn't aware I was capable of conveying such feelings in people. So anyway, because of that most of the regulars, the employees and the manager have gained some form of unequivocal respect for me. But anyway yeah, dem Regs.

Theres a few that I talk to, theres a few that talk to me, theres a few I dont know, and theres a few I'm happy I dont know. But there is two or three in particular that I see often, and they're all pretty fucking neato.

We have Brandon, who is a Brony, but like, one of those really really cool bronies who is actually a really funny and socially accustomed guy.

then there's Steve, who is a straight-up champ, who spends hours and hours on one model at a time (kinda like me except you know, he's good) and normally id be jealous but this guy is actually pretty goddamn hilarious and cool, and apparently he thinks I'm some form of diabolically clever evil genius so, meh.

Which leaves Colin, who doesnt say much, but hes pretty into what he does, so thats all fine n dandy.

AND IN GAMES WORKSHOP THEY PLAY WEIRD MUSIC THAT I GENERALLY WOULDNT LIKE, BUT I DO WHEN THEY PLAY IT THERE, FOR SOME REASON. They keep a good mix of tunes, though. Lotsa punk and show tunes, generally with he odd Linkin Park song thrown in (dear god, why) but like I say if its at the painting table, it magically sounds okay.

Now I know what you're all thinking, why. Why do I come here, why don't I come home and do... Homework, or drink profusely, or do something regular teenagers do. Why? WHY? Because A. I dont see my brother often enough, this gives me some time to catch up with him when hes not too busy and chum it up every once it a while
B.I'm finding an opportunity to do something I find enjoyment in while meeting new interesting people.
C. Fuck you, thats why.


So, the main reason I haven't been posting as routinely as I should is because of THIIIIISSSSSSS.

because of this massive clutter-clusterfuck, Ive been finding it quite difficult to get ANYTHING done.

So, at 3:30 AM I decided that enough sleeping had occurred, and that I should spend more of this high-octane nightmare fuel
on something a little more productive: Getting my fucking life back in order!

So after a solid hour of room tidying, I figure it best to pay some well-deserved attention to this ol blog, of which I had forgotten about and in that dissapointed many a person. And now, in linking you to whats been keeping me up at night, I'm finding it difficult to move out of fear. I hope you're happy, internet.

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